Norwegian: Nettpublisering.

On this page you will find an overview of what kind of services we provide, and indicative prices. All prices are stated excl. VAT.

Managed hosting

For web publishing based on an industry-standard CMS system, you depend on good operation of the service to work cost-effectively and stably. However, this requires a lot of resources. It can be expensive to hire technical staff to fix problems on a contingency basis. Instead, choose a long-term solution. Hannemyr Nye Medier AS is able to provide you with a managed hosting service. This means that you do not have to worry about setting up the web server and publishing system, nor about security updates, repairs, maintenance or backup. All this, as well as operations and user support (see below) are included in our standard package solution for managed hosting, regardless of the type of hosting you choose (see below).

By choosing a managed hosting solution from Hannemyr Nye Medier AS, you get access to CMS experts with high capacity and broad knowledge, who are always ready to help you with your CMS problems. We basically deliver standardized solutions based on both Drupal and Wordpress. For other CMS platforms, ask for a quote.

Depending on your hosting needs, we can offer the following managed hosting options:

  • Hannemyr Nye Medier AS has its own web servers located in Oslo (Norway), and can host your project on one of these. You will then share this web server with other clients who have chosen the same solution. This costs from € 140/year. We are happy to assist with setting up a dedicated web server for your project at Blix Solutions, which is our preferred partner for dedicated web servers. This can cost from € 708/year. Blix Solutions has data centers in many different places, both in Norway and abroad.
  • The prices above are based on the fact that a subdomain is used under a domain Hannemyr Nye Medier AS already owns (for example “” or “”), or that you already own the domain that is used at the web publication. We may buy and manage a new domain on your behalf under one of the top-level domains “.no”, “.com”, or “.org”. This costs € 12 extra per year. For other top level domains, ask for a quote.

Virtual server

We are happy to help set up a virtual web server (vhost) for your project at DigitalOcean, which is our preferred partner for virtual web servers. If desired, we also set up a standard publishing solution for this at no extra cost. By selecting a virtual web server, you get full access to the command line interface and direct access to the database, so you can set up your own publishing solution. Such a solution can cost from € 90 per. years if you do not need a service agreement and you provide your own backup. DigitalOcean has data centers in Amsterdam, Frankfurt and London, among other places. We can also assist in establishing a data processor agreement with DigitalOcean that satisfies the GDPR.

Static site hosting and parking

A dynamic website based on an active WCMS (such as Craft, Drupal, Joomla! or WordPress) requires continuous follow-up and not least ongoing security updates in order to stay secure. If the website no longer is updated with new content, it can be parked. This means that the website is converted to static HTML5, CSS and JavaScript. The site will have the same content and will be navigable in the same way by anonymous visitors as before, but it will no longer allow anyone to login to update its contents.

We can convert any site from a dynamic site to a static one. The price for conversion to is € 1100 + € 0.10 per. page. We can also host the website after conversion, this costs from € 39/year for the first website. Ask for quotes if you need to host many static websites.

Operation and user support

If your company already has a website built on Drupal or Wordpress and you already have a hosting agreement with another company, but want to outsource operations and user support, Hannemyr Nye Medier AS can assist. We ensure that the websites we are responsible for are properly maintained and that its owners receive user support when required.

Hannemyr Nye Medier AS currently operates around 120 websites where we take care of them on an ongoing basis during maintenance. This applies to both security updates and functional updates. We will be notified automatically as soon as new updates are available. Security updates that may affect the system will be installed automatically as soon as they are available, while functional updates will be installed as soon as advisable (usually within 48 hours).

In order for us to be able to assume responsibility for operations and user support, the following prerequisites must be met:

  • The website is located at a hosting provider where you have access to the command interface (CLI) and the operating system that is running is a current version of Gnu/Linux.
  • The website is built on the LAMP stack (Linux, Apache, MySql/MariaDB and PHP).
  • The standard tools that Hannemyr Nye Medier uses for operation are installed, or are allowed to be installed using the CLI.

Ongoing user support is based on:

  • Email and telephone contact for critical inquiries that require prompt follow-up.
  • The website which is reserved for the company's clients and partners, where there is a ticket system for user support requests.
  • We also provide a curated website about Drupal where clients can discuss Drupal content management and share experiences.

We can perform operations and user support on an hourly basis (€ 55/hour). We can also offer operation and user support at a fixed price per. month (contact us for an offer).


Hannemyr Nye Medier AS provides consulting services. We can both provide ongoing assistance and undertake individual assignments.

  • The hourly rate for consultancy assistance is € 55.

We provide consulting services to clients who want assistance with website development, maintenance, operations and quality assurance. We may also undertake to recover a publishing solution that has been compromised through a data attack or where the configuration and/or database needs to be repaired for other reasons.

For some assignments, we can provide assistance at a pre-agreed fixed price. Get in touch and ask for a quote.